Three child inmates escaped from Meerut Children's Home bathroom

Jun 16 2019 04:11 PM
Three child inmates escaped from Meerut Children's Home bathroom

Meerut: In Uttar Pradesh, three children have escaped from the state children's home (kishor) at Surajkund in Meerut district. The children are said to have escaped by breaking the skylight. One local and two others are reported to be from Bareilly, Sonbhadra district. The children broke the bathroom skylight on Friday-Saturday night and then escaped from the prison by using pipes.

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When the incident was reported in the morning, the children were counted in the Children's Home. After which it was revealed that three children had escaped from the jail. The children's home staff have been secretly searching for the children in the vicinity since Saturday morning. When the children were not found, the authorities informed the police about the incident.

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The police called the family members of the escaped children and informed them of the incident and said that if there is any contact with the children, they should inform the police immediately. The State Children's Home at Surajkund has been frequented. In the Children's Home, the teenagers often talk about petty things, after which the government observation house is shifted to the jail premises at Chungi. The jail administration is again questioning the jail administration after he escaped from the jail.




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