Omicron's wrong report can increase trouble, this three-gene kit will identify accurately

New Delhi: A new challenge in the virus of omicron, the new variant of corona infection, has been observed that sometimes RTPCR tests do not confirm the virus. This is due to the absence of the S gene in it. But three gene test-based kits by an Indian startup Jeanstoomy avert the crisis. The kit has also been allowed by the drug controller and ICMR.

Genes2me's RTPCR kit identifies three genes RDRP/ORF, E and N genes due to the coronavirus test. Other RTPCR kits available so far have been able to detect only two genes through normal testing. Most of the kits were being made by incorporating S and another gene. It is being told about Omicron that due to the large-scale mutation in it, many genes have changed. Even the S gene is missing. Most existing kits confirm infection based on the S gene. In such a situation, a false negative report of the test may come.

Neeraj Gupta, founder and CEO of the same Genes2me, said that in the current situation when the infection of omicron is on the rise, the kit that identifies three genes and delivers results can be more accurate. In such a situation, the omicron virus can also be easily detected. After the crisis of omicron, WHO has also recommended a three-gene test kit.

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