Youth cheated more than 200 people in the name of plasma donation

Jul 21 2020 12:01 PM
Youth cheated more than 200 people in the name of plasma donation

Hyderabad: At this time, the Covid-19 epidemic has disturbed everyone. In the meantime, an incident has come to the fore which has shocked everyone. This is the first incident of crime in the midst of this epidemic. In this incident, there has been cheating by promising to donate plasma and arrange medicines for Coronavirus patients in Hyderabad. A 25-year-old man who cheated more than 200 people has been arrested on Monday in this cheating case.

Plasma is taken from the body of the patients who are cured in plasma therapy and offered to people infected with the coronavirus. Talking about the case, the police said, 'The accused decided to capitalize on the demand for plasma'. Apart from this, the police also said in a press release, 'The accused resorted to different social networking apps to search for people in need of plasma'. He introduced himself as a person recovering from Corona and contacted people by phone. After that, the accused requested the person to give him some money to send the plasma. 

In this case, the police say that he had taken money through online payment applications and later he used to take money and break contact with them.

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