Thursday of Margasirsha Month is of great importance, definitely do this work

According to the Hindu Panchang, the month of Margasirsha has begun. This is the ninth month of the Hindu calendar. This month is dedicated to Lord Krishna because in the Gita, Sri Krishna described the month of Margasirsha as his own form. Since Sri Krishna is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and the worship of Vishnu ji remains incomplete without Mother Lakshmi. In this sense, the month of Margasirsha is considered to be very good for worshipping both Lord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi. Thursday is dedicated to Vishnu ji, so thursday of this month is considered very special. It is believed that if a fast is observed for Narayan and Lakshmi in the month of Margasirsha, the grace of both is attained. All the difficulties of life come to an end. At the same time, there is no dearth of wealth and glory in the house. But if you can't fast, you must do it on Thursday.

1- If you cannot fast on Thursday, read the story of Satyanarayana or the vrat katha of Thursday. This maintains happiness in life.

2- Worship on Thursdays by placing idols with Lakshmi and Vishnu ji. Enjoy jaggery and gram to Vishnu ji and enjoy something made of kheer or milk to Goddess Lakshmi.

3- Donating wheat and jaggery to the temple on Thursday is also considered very good. Doing so in the month of Margasirsha increases the effect of donation manifold. This removes all the difficulties in the house.

4- The cow should be fed by adding jaggery, gram dal and turmeric to the dough. The cow should be worshipped by applying tilak. This maintains the special grace of the lord of the world.

5- If you want to start an auspicious task, Thursday is considered to be a very good day for it. Thursday is even better for the month of Margasirsha. This leads to repetition of auspicious deeds at home.

6- On Thursdays, you must perform deepadan under the temple and tulsi. This removes all the family crises.

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