Thyroid patients should not eat these things, know its symptoms and treatment

In today's time, the problem of thyroid is becoming very common. Due to changing lifestyle and wrong eating habits, the problems of thyroid have started increasing a lot. Let me tell you that the problem of thyroid is more in women than in men. Today through this article we will give you all the information related to thyroid.  

Symptoms of thyroid:- 
Having the problem of constipation, loss or increase in body weight, dryness of the face, stress, lethargy, cold and cold not being cured, hair fall, insomnia are the problem of insomnia. There are also two types of thyroids - T3 hyperthyroidism, T4 hypothyroidism.

Treatment of thyroid:- 
Intake of antibiotics. Antibiotics can be used in the problem of thyroid. Thyroid patients should not take antibiotics without the advice of a doctor.  

Home remedies to remove the problem of thyroid:- 
Add tulsi leaves to gourd juice and consume this mixture. Consuming apple vinegar is beneficial for thyroid patients. Practicing yoga every day can get rid of thyroid problem.

Thyroid patients should include these things in the diet:- 
Eat iron-rich things. Consume things containing copper. Consume things that contain vitamin A. Include green vegetables in the diet.

Thyroid patients stay away from these things:- 
Don't smoke. Stay away from consuming floury things. Consume tea, coffee in limited quantities only.

More chili:- 
Keep away from things with spices. At the same time, this remedy is very effective.

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