Apply Tilak on the forehead according to the day, you will get auspicious results

Sep 16 2019 05:20 PM
Apply Tilak on the forehead according to the day, you will get auspicious results

In Hinduism, many such things have been told, which are very surprising. At the same time, applying tilak in Hindu religion is said to be very auspicious. It is said that it brings positivity and by applying tilak, the blessings of God, the fiery planets present in the horoscope are pacified. By the way, there are many more benefits that we are going to tell you today.

1. If you believe in Samudra Shastra, applying tilak on your forehead with vermilion is offered to God.

2. It is said that according to the scriptures, applying tilak improves the worsening of the planets and due to this, the stuck work also starts.

3. It is said that if tilak is applied according to the day, then fruits get more. It is said that applying white sandalwood tilak on Monday keeps the mind calm.

2. On Tuesday, applying vermilion dissolved in jasmine oil is auspicious because it gives positive energy.

3. It is considered good to apply dry vermilion on Wednesday.

4. Apply yellow sandalwood or turmeric tilak on Thursday, because happiness and prosperity come in the house.

5. On Friday, red sandalwood or kumkum tilak should be applied, because it brings prosperity.

6. On Saturday, tilak of Bhasma and red sandalwood should be applied because it eliminates the problems in life.

7. Red sandalwood should be applied on Sunday because a person gets respect and wealth.

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