Tinder users have a higher level of sociosexuality

Apr 15 2019 08:15 PM
Tinder users have a higher level of sociosexuality

Smartphone has became an integral part of our life.Even it is playing important role in one’s love life. In this digital age,  the dating app Tinder has transformed the way we meet people we want to date or hook up with. Finding a prospective partner can be done from anywhere you please on your time. Researchers have also discovered Tinder users have a lower level of sexual disgust and a higher sociosexuality, according to the Metro.

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According to Researcher Barıs Sevi from Turkey’s Koç University  today people with higher sociosexuality don't necessarily connect love with sex. This is in the case with people on Tinder looking for hookups, Sevi says.

The study's finding reveals that people's sexual disgust levels and their attitude towards casual sex predict their desire to use Tinder for casual sex.

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The researcher believes that the most significant message is that a primary human emotion like disgust can affect our motivations to use a smartphone app. Revealing "evolutionary theories have explanatory power even in today’s technological lifestyle", the author explains.


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