5 Tips to protect your smartphones from the Holi buzz

Preparing snacks, seeing the whole arrangement, going here and there these all things are common during festivals, and it gives fun too. But many times, while chilling with your friends you forget that your best friend is in your pocket, which may get damaged infest hassle.

Holi is said to be the festival of water, and if you have water and dust resistant smartphone that doesn't mean that you will get into the swimming pool with it, but we can't keep it aside as we photograph our memories in it.

Here's the solution what to do to save your device during Holi,

Zip-lock  pouches are best:
Put your smartphone in the zip lock pouch as you don't know where and when you have to face the water attack.

Waterproof cases or bag:
Buy special waterproof cases for your smartphone, this will protect your phone from colors and liquid too. You can buy it from any nearby shop.

Use a balloon as a waterproof case for your smartphone:
Open balloon and keep your smartphone in it, then there will be no chance that water can access your phone.

Use the old phone for a day:
If you have an old spare phone then use that phone for one day rather than using an expensive smartphone.

Seal open areas of your phone:
Seal all the open areas of your phone with the help of tape or some other waterproof thing, as it will resist water to get into your device. However, this idea is not so efficient.


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