Tips to choose cooking oil to stay healthy

Jun 14 2021 09:21 PM
Tips to choose cooking oil to stay healthy

Making healthy food a part of your diet can be difficult but it's necessary. There may be different reasons you are able to consume good healthy food. For instance, snacking has increased considerably during the present lockdown, not only at evening chai breaks, but also in between meals to power through the day. Putting little efforts and making small changes in daily cooking can go a long way in making your diet healthy.

*Blended oils combine the benefits of two oils, to provide a synergistic effect, which helps to build immunity.

*It is also great for your heart health, as it helps reduce bad cholesterol

*Also, increase good cholesterol

*Have a high smoke point making it ideal for all types of cooking.

*There are many options of blended oils available in the market like Saffola, helping with heart health and overall health.

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