How To Apply False Eyelashes at home without help of experts

Sep 12 2019 10:48 PM
How To Apply False Eyelashes at home without help of experts

The most difficult task while doing makeup is to apply makeup on the eyes. With this, you have to take care of many things so that the makeup does not go wrong. Eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara are necessary to enhance the beauty of the eyes, as well as eyelashes are also a part of the makeup. While applying eyelash, you should take care that it matches your face. Often girls resort to a makeup artist to apply eyelash. But now you can apply it yourself.

If you take care of only 2-3 things then applying fake eyelash will be very easy for you. Before applying artificial eyelash, it is important that you clean your eyelids well. Before applying fake eyelashes, keep in mind that there should not be any dirt on your natural eyelids.

Now you apply glue on the top of the fake eyelash (which comes with it) and now apply it on top of your natural eyelashes, from where it starts. You have to follow the same method on both eyes.

Take the mascara and set it on fake lashes. After this, there is a step to apply eyeliner, which is the most important. During this time, you use liquid eyeliner only. You have to apply eyeliner in such a way that there is no difference between fake and real.

Take special care of these 5 things
Many types of eyelashes are available in the market. You have to buy the same eyelash that looks natural and is small in size. If the fake eyelashes are wide, you can trim them accordingly.

You should never apply glue on your real eyelashes. Always use glue only on fake lashes. If you want, you can use a small brush for this.

Always use liquid eyeliner to show fake lashes naturally and fill the gap between the two. Also, always apply mascara only after applying fake eyelashes.

Never sleep with artificial eyelashes. In this situation, you will have a lot of difficulty in removing them the next day and it can also cause damage to your eyes.

To remove fake eyelashes, use eyelash remover or makeup remover.

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