Men should keep these things in mind while shaving on the pimple skin
Men should keep these things in mind while shaving on the pimple skin

Shaving on pimple skin is not less of a challenge for men. Because of the sharp edge of chemical shaving cream and razor, skin related problems can be aggravated. So what can you do in such a situation? You cannot live without shaving. If you too are going through such a problem, then we will help you, which should be specially taken care of while shaving on acne skin.

Choose a good razor: If your skin is more sensitive, then choose a single-bladed razor for yourself. The razor with multiple blades is more likely to cut or burst on the acne. Before and after shaving make sure that you clean with razor anti-bacterial lotion.

Choose alcohol-free shaving cream: If your face is full of pimples, then choose for yourself fragrance and alcohol-free shaving cream. You need to avoid a cream that contains sensitive ingredients. Because this can irritate your skin. Choose for yourself a shaving cream that has more natural oil content.

Facial cleansing: Shave your face thoroughly before shaving. First of all, take a hot towel and put it on the face for some time. These make your face soft as well as open your hair follicles. This will make your shaving comfortable.

Apply shaving oil: Now apply a good shaving oil before shaving. This will enable you to shave easily. With this, you will be able to shave with a razor while shaving on your face comfortably. Due to the face being soft, the razor will work by slipping from your skin comfortably and you can make shaving without cutting.

Wash your face: Once you have shaved, wash your face with lukewarm water. If you still feel a bit sticky then wash your face with a normal cleanser. Now apply a very light moisturizer on your face or apply after shave lotion which keeps your face hydrated with softness. Keep in mind that any lotion you use for your face should be alcohol-free and odorless.

Shave according to hair growth: Do check hair growth, because of this you can shaving easily. While shaving, keep in mind that the razor should not be placed around your pimples or else there may be a scar on your face.

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