Contour in such a way to give the face a perfect shape, know here
Contour in such a way to give the face a perfect shape, know here

Today we are going to share with you how to do contouring to give the face a perfect shape. Although not everyone's face or its features are in perfect shape, everyone wants their face to look perfect. Contouring is used for this only. For example, if your nose size is large or double chin or your cheeks and forehead are wide and you want to make them look thinner or smaller, then contouring helps you. It works to hide the shortcomings by highlighting your best features. Contouring is done in many parts of the face. Contouring is mainly done on the forehead, nose, chicks and chins. This is an easy way to give perfect shape to the face.

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It is worth noting that dark shade is used on the face while contouring, due to which the place is not noticed and the best features are highlighted. For example, if your face is slightly thick, with the help of contouring, the illusion of making it thinner is created. Similarly, if your nose is thick and you want to make it look thin, then apply a dark shade on both sides of the nose and blend it. Put a light shade in the middle area and mix it with it.

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This will make the shape of your nose look different and thin. Some things have to be taken care of while contouring. First of all, it is not necessary that contouring is done on every part of the face. Contouring is done only on the part of the face which we have to fix. Not only that, if someone's face is fine, you can also skip contouring while doing makeup.

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