The Real Reason You Have Acne Between Your Eyebrows

Aug 21 2019 07:48 PM
The Real Reason You Have Acne Between Your Eyebrows

It is common to have a pimple on your face, but you will be surprised and troubled if you have a pimple in an unusual place like eyebrows. The pimples spoil your look. Know what the reasons, if you're also having this, If you want to get rid of these, here are some ways that can be beneficial for you.

* Makeup- Heavy makeup can lead to rash around your eyebrows. Hair products you use may also cause pimples on your eyebrows. In fact, they accumulate filth on your eyebrows, which need to be cleaned regularly. If you apply makeup products to your eyebrows, don't forget to remove it at night.

* Glasses- Wearing dirty glasses also accumulates bacteria in this part, which increases the risk of getting pimples. Also, rubbing glasses on the skin boosts oil production and results in breakouts. So clean your glasses and wear them.

* Stretching out hair follicles by threading opens up to infection, which can lead to breakouts. Making up immediately after threading closes the holes, which increases the risk of breakouts. Therefore, applying acne-fighting lotion after threading can prevent donations.

Easy tips to stop my mouth

Do not overdo makeup on the eyebrows. Even if makeup is done, make sure to clean this part thoroughly every night.

Also, do not place petroleum or any other oil-rich product on the affected area.

Place green oil on the affected area and allow it to remain overnight. Do this 2 through 3. This will help you reduce my profits.

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