Easy Ways to Dry Your Clothes Faster During Monsoon

Aug 01 2019 10:08 AM
Easy Ways to Dry Your Clothes Faster During Monsoon

The monsoon season is beautiful but you find it very difficult to dry clothes during this season. These days, it brings trouble. Sometimes it takes up to four days for the clothes to dry. If you have a favorite dress, you can't carry it because it's wet. That's what we're going to give you some tips that will be useful during the rainy season. Learn how to dry clothes.

Dryer Use
The washing machine has a dryer, let the clothes dry well. Dryer limits are usually one minute, extend it and dry at least three minutes.

Hair Dryer
If there is no washing machine, you can also take the help of a hairdryer. Run a hairdryer on well-squeezed clothes, reduce their moisture and dry the clothes quickly even in the fan air.

The cooler may also come handy
Coolers don't seem to be needed if the weather cools down, but it can be very handy in drying clothes. Put the clothes on the stand and turn on the cooler in front of them. However, keep in mind that during this time the cooler water pump will be switched off, otherwise, the moisture in the fabric will sit and it will take longer to dry.

Iron the clothes if they are not too wet, which will help to eliminate moisture quickly and dry the clothes in the fan air overnight.

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