5 Tips to get a peaceful sleep at night

Apr 17 2018 03:13 PM
5 Tips to get a peaceful sleep at night

Many times it really gets difficult to have a good sleep in the night. Apart from having a long duration of sleep for the whole night, you still wake up tired. There are numerous things which are involved in having a good night sleep. Here are some of the needful tips for you which will benefit you to have a good sleep. 

1. Keep your bedroom temperature cool
Try to avoid your bedroom turning in to a sauna. The best temperature to have a good sleep is at 18° C. Also, try to have a proper ventilation into the room.

2. Start doing relaxation exercises
Relaxing after tiring day is really essential. It helps you to de-stress and it clams down your mind.

3. Stock up on lavender oil
Lavender oil is really beneficial which can drive you to a good sleep. Dab few drops of lavender oil on your wrists and on your pillow. 

4. Check your mattress
Comfort sleep is really a very important factor. sleeping on the mattress which you have bought long back will never be able to give you a good and comfortable sleep. Generally, a mattress stays comfortable for 7-10 years of time span.

5. Darken your bedroom
The more your room remains dark, the better sleep you can get. Use heavy curtains which will block light coming from outside.

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