Tips to get rid of the mark of a Love Bite!!

Mar 13 2017 05:05 PM
Tips to get rid of the mark of a Love Bite!!

Couple many a time become so excited during the Sex that they bite their partner which is commonly called love bite. Though during that time you and your partner enjoy it but later on you can see the marks of it on your body. By seeing them your friends and other people tease you and sometimes you feel embarrassed about it. Right??

So, today to get rid of the marks of Love Bite we have few easily done ways which will surely help you.

1. You can use toothpaste or alcohol. Put toothpaste on a mark for 10 minutes after which wash it with water and then clean with the help of alcohol and cotton.

2. Massage on the mark with the peel of Banana. With the use of it, the mark will become light.

3. Rub the cold spoon on the mark, it can also help.

4. If your mark doesn’t go after two to three days then do Sikai with any hot thing on the mark


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