This thing can reduce the smell of garlic from your mouth...

Sep 12 2019 04:48 PM
This thing can reduce the smell of garlic from your mouth...

Garlic has many health benefits. You must have eaten it and it is also used in food to enhance the taste. But the difficult thing is that no one wants to eat it raw. If you chew a single garlic clove, it causes an odor from the mouth throughout the day. Which can make you embarrassed in front of others. A study has revealed that eating apple, mint or lettuce after eating garlic foods reduces its pungent aroma. So if you also want to remove this smell, then let us tell you these methods.

In this regard, the researchers say that the reason for garlic's breath smelling is the volatile elements present in it. It contains elements such as diallyl disulfide, allyl mercaptan, allyl methyl disulfide, and allyl methyl sulfide. It is present in all garlic. Eating garlic in the morning provides relief from many diseases like blood pressure, cholesterol, acidity.

In the study, the team gave people three grams of garlic to chew for 25 seconds. After this, avoiding the water, apple or its juice or salad or mint juice or leaves or green tin was given. Subsequently, the levels of volatile substances were investigated and analyzed. For this, the ion flow tube mass spectrometry method was used. In conclusion, it was found that eating raw apples or salad decreased the number of volatile elements by 50 percent.

Peppermint leaves have higher evaporation capacity for all volatile substances than raw apples and raw salads. Apple juice and mint juice reduced the level of volatile elements. But it was less effective than chewing a whole apple or salad. Researchers did not see any evaporation effect of garlic compounds in green tea.

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