Tips to lose weight during office hours

Jan 30 2019 01:10 PM
Tips to lose weight during office hours

People use lack of time as the escuse and avoids the workout and do nothing to losse the extra weight. People do not find enough time to work out because of the job and household chores or feel too tired when reach home. But what if we say can do workout  in office also. We bring you the few tips which will hep you to loose those extra kilos.

Stairs snacking

Climbing stairs uses your muscles in the legs, arms, and is also good for the heart and lungs. Just climb the stairs vigorously before, after, on in between your work hours when you take a break and you have yourself a good workout!

Do not stress

Stress can cause you to overeat and is a mian a reason for weight gain. Stress can also mess with your sugar levels and heart conditions. The best way to deal with this is to meditate, or indulge in activities you enjoy to bust stress.

Drink water

Water is plays a vital role in weight loss. Water keeps almost all our functions normal. Hydration is one of the fundamental keys to weight loss so make sure you drink enough water throughout the day.

Eat healthily

Avoid  junk food, chips, sodas, etc at office and instead try to snack on raw veggies like carrots, nuts like almonds and walnuts which will not only keep your heart healthy, control diabetes but also be really effective in weight loss.


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