This way you can make Doggy style sex more fun!

Sep 10 2019 07:08 PM
This way you can make Doggy style sex more fun!

If you adopt new methods in sex, then your sex life becomes even better, or you can enjoy sex even more. Always having sex, in the same way, can make your sex life boring. So to keep the sex life exciting, it is very important to keep doing something new from time to time. So for this, you can adopt some positions that can double your fun.

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Not only by trying new sex positions, but also by changing the things used during sex, you can increase your thrill four times. For this reason, instead of the bedroom, you can enjoy sex in other places in the house, even in the parking lot. In such a situation, if both of your partners like to have sex in doggy style position, then this tip can prove to be perfect for you. While having sex in this position, your partner's hair will always be open.

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But this time when you have sex in this position, tell your partner to tie the top. After this, starting with foreplay, as usual, increase the excitement of yourself and your partner. After that, ask your partner to come in the doggie position.

Only then, while in this position, hold the peak of your partner with one hand. Enjoy sex by pulling the peak in between. But take care not to hold it tightly. Because your purpose is not to hurt him.

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