Follow these simple methods while applying foundation

Aug 01 2020 08:33 AM
Follow these simple methods while applying foundation

Nowadays make-up has become a necessity. In the desire of looking good and posting pictures on the internet all day, girls have started doing makeup. However, many times girls make some mistakes while applying the foundation. Because of which they start looking bad. After some time, the line and dry skin start appearing on the face. If you have this type of problem with your foundation then here are some tips for you.

Right way to apply foundation
Before applying foundation, apply it on the back of the hands and spread it on the face with the help of a brush. By doing this, the foundation will be slightly diluted. With this, while applying on the face, it will spread comfortably and will look natural.

Must apply primer
It is very important to apply primer before applying foundation. With this help, the open pores of the face and skin tone are affected.

Centre the foundation
Always start from the middle of the face while applying the foundation. Gradually, spread the edges of the face, that is, the jaw. The foundation will look good on the face and will not look like a mask.

Add oil to the foundation
To make the foundation face not appear like a cake, add one drop of oil to the foundation. By doing this, a thin layer of foundation will be applied on the face, which will look good.

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