Do not do these things before and after facial, Know these tips

Sep 17 2019 09:56 PM
Do not do these things before and after facial, Know these tips

Everyone wishes for bright and beautiful skin. Spiked skin makes a person look more attractive. You apply face packs, massages and many creams for facial beauty. Apart from this, you also get facial. There are many benefits from which the face improves. Apart from this, it keeps the skin hydrated. It is also very effective for reducing the symptoms of ageing of the face and keeps the skin young.

Choose facials according to your skin type:
Skin is very sensitive and needs special care, so choose facials according to your skin types. If your skin is oily then moisturizing facials are not a good option for you.

Do not wax or shave before getting facials:
Do not wax and shave before getting facials as it may cause irritation. Waxing or shaving makes your skin more sensitive. Extraction and massage are included during facials. This can cause irritation or redness in your skin.

Do not apply makeup:
Facials without makeup are important for better results. If you go to the salon after doing makeup, then the things on the face will mix with each other and can cause skin problems.

Avoid the sun before and after facials:
Sun rays can damage your skin. To get the most important results it is important to keep your skin away from the sun rays after facial.

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