Pay attention to these things while getting blouse stitched
Pay attention to these things while getting blouse stitched

Today we are going to share with you what things should be kept in mind while doing blouse stitching to look fashionable and stylish in Diwali. Always choose a lightweight fabric to look slim. This will make your hands look thinner. The perfect option is to cover fabric heavy arms such as silk, rayon, cotton and chiffon. At the same time, do not use velvet, woollen fabric at all. Consider the length of the sleeve with the design and print. If the hands are heavy, always make blouses with elbow-length or quarter sleeves. Do not wear sleeveless or full sleeve. This will make your hands heavier. Not only this, do not sew the butterfly or cape sleeve design as well, you will not remain comfortable and confident. It sounds a bit strange to hear but it is true. You can get a slim look by choosing the right color. Always sew blouses with dark colors to cover heavy arms.

It is important to note that in any outfit it is very important to have the right fitting for the perfect look. If your blouse is too tight, then your hands will not look good. At the same time, more loose blouse will show them more heavy, so always keep its fitting such that it is not too tight or too loose. If you want to make your hands look thin, do not sew blouses that have chunky or too many prints. Also, you can never sew blouses with horizontal prints. Always choose fewer and vertical prints. Avoid wearing heavy work blouses to cover the flabs of arms because of heavy work. Instead, choose a blouse piece that has a workaround the neck. This will not divert people's attention, at least on your hands.

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