If NailPaint becomes dry, then follow these tips to create a new look

Nail paint on the nails not only increases the beauty of the hands but also gives a different comfort to the heart. However, often by not using nail paint for a long time or not keeping it in the right way, it starts to dry or become thick. When this happens, the girls throw them away, but you can take some easy measures to correct your nail polish again as before. Today, we are going to tell you about those measures.  

Hot water- You can correct the nail paint with hot water. Yes and for this, put dry and thick nail polish in a bowl of hot water.

Keeping it in the sun is right - if the deep nail is painted, then it can also be corrected by keeping it in the sun. Yes and for this, keep the bottle of nail paint in the bright sun for 1-2 hours.

Use the thinner - You add 2-3 drops of thinner to it and tie the bottle hard and shake it. It will also benefit.  

Add transparent nail paint - If your coloured nail paint has dried then you can add transparent nail paint to it.

Keep these things in mind too.
* Keep in mind that nail paint should never be kept in the fridge. In fact, it can dry up quickly.

* Do not sit directly under the fan while applying nail paint.

* It will be best to shake the bottle between the hands before applying nail polish.  

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