Congress-TMC relations, Didi's 'play with Sonia'

New Delhi: The Trinamool Congress (TMC), which is trying to build its palace on Congress soil, has once again made it clear that it will not shy away from standing with the Congress inside Parliament on issues related to the general public, but relations outside Parliament will be different. TMC MP Derek O'Brien has said that we are not in power anywhere with Congress. So, we cannot be in the same relationship with other Congress parties.

Mamata's TMC was Sonia Gandhi's partner in power with the Congress till 2012. But with regard to petrol and diesel prices, she came out of the UPA. After that, the UPA government continued to run on external support given by the SP BSP, but Congress' relationship with Mamata continued to deteriorate. Mamata Banerjee had recently expressed her intentions by saying that it is not necessary to meet Sonia Gandhi every time she comes to Delhi. In any case, the tension in the relationship has increased further after the Meghalaya episode.

In fact, in Meghalaya, the TMC has broken 12 MLAs of Sonia's party and joined its party. Mamata is currently trying to move towards becoming a national leader. Obviously, in this mission, she will have to part ways with Congress to become Modi's option. TMC playing their cards accordingly. TMC believes that Congress has fought a weak battle with the Modi government in the last seven years. Party General Secretary Kunal Ghosh said while TMC cornered the BJP on every issue. The congress' elder brother's attitude is not acceptable to the TMC.

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