To avoid pollution, start this effort today.

Pollution in the air or atmosphere not only causes respiratory problems but can also cause a lot of problems to the person. Due to pollution in the air, a person begins to have a variety of losses in his throat, lungs, and other body parts. If a person breathes openly instead of his nose, it also has a very adverse effect on health. Therefore, it is important to try and pay proper attention to the older people but also to their children as well. So that in growing age, they do not have to face other difficulties caused by swas or air pollution.

Exercise daily: Because of pollution, you spend more time at home and avoid going out there. But if you are not able to exercise in the park or anywhere, you should start it at home. It is very important for people who have problems with swas to exercise daily. It helps a lot in keeping health fit and healthy. At the same time, it reduces the risk of respiratory problems by two times. Exercising can also prevent it. You must do it yourself as well as get your family members done.

Use mask: Try to use a mask whenever you are going out. Masks not only reduce you rapidly the risk of diseases like covid but also prevent air pollution as well as spreading other swas related diseases. Try to wash the mask from time to time if you use it on the way out. Start avoiding using dirty masks. You need to wear good quality masks. So that you can avoid air pollution and also keep diseases away.

If you go out, do wear glasses: If you go out, try to use glasses. Glasses will also help you protect your eyes from sunlight, dirt, pollution. Air pollution is not good for health as well as eye health. Therefore, it is also necessary to protect the eyes. For this, whenever you are going out, you must wear glasses. It also covers your eyes. It will also protect you from dirt, air pollution, allergies. Try to have good quality of glasses you wear.

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