To avoid stones, do not consume these things even by mistake


There can be many reasons for having kidney problems. Yes, let us tell you that most of the problems of stones can be due to diet, while drinking small amounts of water is also considered to be the main reason for the problem of stones. In fact, if you consume more seeds in the diet, then there may be a problem of stones. Along with this, those struggling with the problem of stones should take full care of the diet. Yes and they should also take special care of the things they include in their food. In fact, in such problems, one should avoid eating seed things like tomato, guava, brinjal, pomegranate.

Let us tell you that water can be the main reason for the problems of stones. Yes, if you consume less water then there may be a problem of stones in your body. Along with this, this disease can also be overcome by consuming water. Although sometimes it is not known, then it is necessary to get better treatment for it. Yes, it is believed that if 5 mm stone is in your body then it can be removed only by surgery.

However, if smaller stones than this are in your body, then you can take medicines to get rid of it. Along with this, by consuming more quantity of water, you can also remove it. Let us tell you that the problem of stones can be in the kidney, gall bladder and urine pipe and there is a lot of pain in this disease.

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