This model underwent breast surgery 4 times to look like a Barbie doll

A young woman wants to look completely similar to Barbie Doll. For this, she has spent more than 42 lakh rupees on herself. The name of the young woman, who belongs to a village in Germany, is said to be Jessy Bunny. Jessy always wanted her to look the most beautiful too.

After finishing school in 2019, Jessy has decided to move to Vienna (Australia). After which she has also started research to transform herself. Jessy has undergone a variety of cosmetic surgeries to become a 'real-life Barbie'. She has also undergone surgery related to the lips, cheeks and chin. Jessy says she wants to make herself completely like a "Barbie Doll". Which includes the lips and other parts of the body. She also said that her parents do not like to do things related to makeup and styling. 

Jessy's parents have saved more than Rs 5 lakh for her. But she spent the money on breast implants. Recently, she underwent surgery on many parts of the body. She has also done lip fillers. She is planning to have even more surgeries to look the most beautiful. Jessy Bunny continued her talk, saying that she left home at the age of 17. She is now 21 years old. She said that due to her body transformation, her family members have lost contact with her.

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