To make arrange marriage special, keep follow these things, it makes the most memorable event

Apr 08 2019 01:35 PM
To make arrange marriage special, keep follow these things, it makes the most memorable event

Everyone is eagerly waiting for the wedding day. Marriage places a very important place in anyone's life. There are many people's desires on this day. Everybody wants to try it, so that this lama will always be remembered forever. But there is a lot of difference between Love Marriage and Arrange Marriage. Where two people know each other well in Love Marriage, it becomes a bit difficult to know each other in Arrange Marriage. This process of knowing each other begins only after marriage. So today we are going to give you some tips that you can make your Orange Marriage a memorable one.

Make her feel comfortable

It is very important for each other to have a comfy feel in any relationship. You can come close to one another by making a comfy fit. In Arnej Marriage, marriage is preferred by family members, in such a way the boy and girl do not get much chance to know each other. So it is very important that you make your partner feel comfortable. If your partner is comfortable with you then the next thing will be easier for you.

Need attention

By marrying, the girls are in the house of their husbands. In this case, it is a brand new place for them. It takes a little time to adjust to anyone in the new place. Meanwhile he remains dependent on his husbands. Therefore, boys should take special care of girls. It is very important for the boys to complete their small needs. Do not let the girl feel so strongly that she is not home, but someone else's home.

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Eat together

When the girl comes to her in-laws after marriage, it is a brand new place for her. It takes a little time to adjust to the in-laws environment. So when she comes to your house after marriage, do not leave her alone. Try to eat and sit with them. They will feel better by doing this and they will feel that they care about them. By doing this, they will also feel familiar.

Keep proper sleeping 

All the rituals of marriage are very long and in such situations sleep is not always complete. So when the girl comes home after the marriage, keep in mind that she has the full chance of sleeping. Arrange her gold arrangements so that no one can disturb her. Not only this, girls often get used to getting up late in their mother's house, so do not pressure them to rise early in the morning. Rather give them some time so that they can improve their habit.

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