To meet his wife Sun Dev had to become a horse, read the legend story
To meet his wife Sun Dev had to become a horse, read the legend story

All of you may have heard many stories and stories. Shani Dev is an over-awakened deity and his story is also very interesting. Yes, according to legend, Shri Shani is the father of God, Surya Dev and Mata Noun. The son of Brahmadev was daksha's virgo, noun extremely rupwati. Daksha married her Virgo noun with Suryadev. Noun has two sons from Suryadev. South-South Yum and 2. Mr. Shanischer and 1. Tapti, 2. Bhadra, 3. Kalindi, 4. Savitri gave birth to these four girls. One day, since noun could not bear the brunt of Suryadev, he created a woman in his own form and named him Sanvarna. Noun told Sanvarna that you should be fully happy by treating the sun with wife duty, but one thing to keep in mind is that no one knows it. Not even Suryadev. I will help you when I remember me in times of crisis, so the noun returned to my mother. Daksha explained to the noun that the married woman should stay with her husband. Even during good and bad times, you should not leave your husband. If the married daughter is kept by her parents, the parents are to blame, so it is advisable to stay at her husband's house rather than here.

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Hearing the idea of Father Daksha, she was hurt, angry and began to blame the woman's birth, immediately turned itself into a mare and went to the Himalayan Mountains for a desolate penance. When the noun left, Sanvarna Suryadev's house was running smoothly. As vakaash, Sanvarna gave birth to 5 sons and 2 girls from Suryadev. Daughters 1. Bhadra, 2. Validity and Son 1 Shraddhadev, 2. Manu, 3. Indesotop, 4. Kulika, 5. Earthland. Thus, till the attainment of progeny, Suryadev did not have the slightest doubt, but one day Shani was very hungry for God and asked his mother, Sanvarna, to eat. Sanvarna told Shri Shani God to let God be worshipped, he would give you food after offering the vegetation, but Shani Maharaj showed me the kick by saying that I should eat now. At that time, Anvarna cursed The Shani God that your foot would be broken. Hearing this, Shani God told the whole incident to his father Suryadev. Suryadev thought that the mother would never curse her son.

It is impossible to speak of iniquity. Suryadev looked at it carefully and understood that it was not a noun. Suryadev was angry and asked Anvarna, "Who are you?" Seeing Suryadev in an angry pose, Sanvarna became in a state of fear and said, "I am the shadow of the noun. The noun went to the Himalayan Mountains for penance and I am doing the duty of the householder. Then Suryadev said to The Shani God that the son Shani is like your mother, his cursed thing cannot be wasted, but if it is not a very obstacle, then it will become crooked rather than a piece of your foot (from that time the Shani God has a crooked leg). Later, as Suryadev looked at the insight, the noun is doing penance as a mare on the Himalayan Mountains and chanting the name of Suryadev day and night. Suryadev took the form of horse and went to the Himalayan Mountains to meet the noun.

In penance, the meditator saw Suryadev as a horse and said, "I don't see other men than the sun, so it is the horse Suryadev." At that time, there was a noun, there was a semen-emission of Suryadev. That semen was eclipsed by a mare form noun by Nasik viva. She was pregnant over a period of time and gave birth to two sons, Ashvi Dev and Vaidyaswat, by Nasika Viva, and both the horse-form noun and the sun descended on the earth. The sun that gives us light is located in the sun-dreth and the nine planets that roam around it. Of those nine planets, Saturn is the only one. There are some intakes and exoplanets in the Sunmala. Saturn's out planets are Saturn's ten satellites.

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