Know who is behind the popularity of Asim Riaz

Feb 27 2020 05:11 PM
Know who is behind the popularity of Asim Riaz

Bigg Boss 13 made a big dent in the TV world. Asim Riaz has gained a lot of fame with this show, he got the position of first runner up in the show. This achievement happened only a few days that he gifted the Bigg Boss "Sultani Akhada Medal" to Sangeeta Bhatia and Toabh, which proved to be a milestone in her career. Sangeeta and her team have a big hand in taking Asim to this height of success.

In his statement, he further said that the team's really hard work behind what I am today. Toabh recognized me better than himself and always encouraged me. I am deeply grateful to you for everything. "Asim gave Sangeeta her" mother "status, as it was she who helped shape Asim's career and give it the right direction. She was groomed as a prolific model as well as an unprecedented actor. Along with achievements, Sangeeta is thankful to her wholeheartedly for her growth in life.

For your information, Let us tell you that Asim's performance in Bigg Boss 13 was very good, he was rightly entitled to a medal. Asim's journey in Bigg Boss 13 was quite exciting, which can be an inspiration for everyone. When we see an actor or model from a distance, we would get overwhelmed by his glamor but we never Do not think how many people have worked hard to get that person here. How many people are there who are constantly engaged in making an ordinary person a star day and day.

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