Today again the petrol-diesel price decreases- See details

Nov 09 2018 08:53 AM
Today again the petrol-diesel price decreases- See details

New Delhi. The daily oil price cut continues today also. Due to this, once again on Friday, the price of petrol and diesel was seen decrease. In Delhi, the price of petrol has been reduced by 15 paise and diesel by 15 paise. After this, petrol in Delhi has been priced at Rs 78.06 per liter, while diesel has been costing Rs 72.74 per liter. Petrol in the financial capital of Mumbai is Rs. 83.57 per liter. In Mumbai, 15 paise in petrol and 16 paise in diesel have been cut. On Friday, the rate of diesel in Mumbai is Rs 76.22 per liter.

For your information, The price of oil has been decreasing in the last 25 days. However, this reduction did not provide much relief to the common man because the price of petrol is still close to 80 rupees in Delhi while diesel is around 75 rupees per liter.

For details, in the last few months, prices of petrol and diesel have increased greatly across the country. After this increase, the government and oil companies were giving clearance on the fact that this has happened because of the rising prices of crude oil.

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