Today is not an auspicious Muhurat, know today's Panchang
Today is not an auspicious Muhurat, know today's Panchang

Nowadays people see their calendar more than their horoscope. So let us know today's calendar of 19th June. It is said that almanac has knowledge of auspicious ominous times. One should read the almanac every morning. At the same time, it indicates the motion of the Sun and the Moon. Muhurat has its own special significance. Everything should be done in Shubh Muhurat and Abhijit Muhurat is very creditable for starting any task. Do not start any work in Rahukal and the moon is also of its own importance. The seed mantra of that planet must be chanted on that day.

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Today's Calendar-

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Date- II till 03:35 PM
Nakshatra-Purshadha 01:30 PM to Uttarashadha
Karan-Garz again commercialized by 03:35 PM
Sun Zodiac-Mithun Swamigraha-Buddha
Lunar Zodiac-Dhanushka-Guru 08 PM After Capricorn, Swamigraha-Shani
Shubh Muhurat - Abhijit Muharth - is not.

Vijay Muhurat - 02:40 pm to 03:36 pm
Unlucky Muhurat- Rahukal- 12 noon to 01:30 pm

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