Today, lakhs of people are taking 'dip of faith,' 70 people found infected so far

The Magh Mela is being organized at Prayagraj in UP in the middle of the growing cases of Covid in the country. This fair of faith can be the super spreader of Covid. Millions of people will bathe today i.e. on Friday on the occasion of Makar Sankranti. Covid has exploded at the fair. There is a constant demand for the fair to be cancelled, but the fair is being held in Prayagraj. The question is, why is this fair in times of epidemic? Lakhs of devotees are going to bathe in the Ganga amidst the 47-day event.

Preparations have also been made big in terms of the crowd of millions. But the question of the fair, which is taking place in the middle of the third wave of the Covid epidemic, is getting even more questioned and this is because the covid virus has entered the Magh Mela. Meanwhile, 18 more people have been found infected with covid at the Magh Mela. A total of 70 people have been infected so far. These figures are before the rush of devotees coming on Makar Sankranti. These are the only figures of policemen and select people being investigated. A large number of infected people can be exposed if checked after the rush increases from today.

The situation at the Magh Mela has not changed even after the corona bomb exploded. The government is busy making claims, but the ground reality seems to be just negligence. Monday i.e. 17th January is the beginning of Paush Purnima. More than 1 lakh saints, mahatma is going to live here. The government has already geared up to make the Magh Mela grand. More than two dozen swings and exhibitions are awaited by floating a tender of Rs 2.5 crore. But all this information is getting more worrying because of Covid. However, there are soaring claims from the administration to follow the covid instructions.

- Why the Magh Mela in times of epidemic?
- Is the Magh Mela more important than life?
- Will the fair does not add to the trouble after the corona blast?

Hope now remains on the high court, where a petition has been filed to stop the fair. But the high court has refused to hear immediately. Now the High Court is going to hear the matter as a regular case. The matter is expected to be heard on Monday.

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