National Radio Day: Prime Minister Modi gives new direction, got first advertisement on this day

Aug 18 2019 04:13 PM
National Radio Day: Prime Minister Modi gives new direction, got  first advertisement on this day

Today is August 20, the day in history is celebrated as National Radio Day. That's why people on social media are giving loud congratulations. Even though it may be smartphones, people's passion for radio has not diminished even today. Millions of people, including cab drivers, students, corporate professionals, still listen to the radio. Though it was rumoured a few years ago that the radio would be completely exhausted after the smartphone came in, it was not because of the smartphones that more people are connected to the radio.

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Radio has also been given a new direction by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He calls the radio a 'Man Ki Baat' that millions of people use radio to listen to. This is how the PM has brought the radio back to people's homes. The same first time advertising in radio began in 1923. This was followed by the launch of official radio stations like the BBC in the UK and CBS and NBC in the US. In November 1941, Subhas Chandra Bose addressed Indians from Germany on the radio.

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For your information, radio broadcasts in India were launched in 1923. Also, in 1930, the Indian Broadcasting Company (IBC) went bankrupt and had to sell it. This was followed by the Indian State Broadcasting Service. In 1936, the official 'Imperial Radio of India' was launched in India, which became All India Radio or ALL India after Independence. Air Force has 420 stations in the country, reaching 99.19% of the population in 92% of the region. AIR broadcasts across the country in 23 languages and 14 dialects. There are 214 Community Radio Broadcasting Centres (Community Radio) in the country.

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