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A new edition of the Daily App Quiz has started on the E-commerce platform AMAZON. Amazon online shopping platform is offering a great opportunity to win Rs 30,000 on Amazon Pay Balance in its Quiz today. These quizzes are available on Amazon's mobile app. Let us tell you that this daily quiz starts every day at 8 a.m. and lasts till 12 p.m. The quiz consists of 5 questions of General Knowledge (GK) and Current Affairs.

To win a lot of such rewards, you must answer all the questions asked in the quiz properly. Each question asked between quizzes contains four options.
How to play Quiz?:
–If your phone doesn't have an Amazon app, you'll need to download it first to play quizzes.
– You'll need to sign in after downloading and installing.
– Then open the app and scroll down the home screen. Whereat the bottom you will find the banner of 'Amazon Quiz'.
Here are five questions from today's quiz as well as their answers. So go and play and win 30,000 Amazon Pay Balance.

Question 1: In December 2021, several people were injured in an explosion caused by a bomb WWII near a busy train station in which german city?
Answer: Munich

Question 2: The Israeli Parliament has voted in favour of a bill that will limit the service of a Prime Minister to a maximum of how many years?
Answer: 8

Question 3: What fire did a mayor in the Philippines fire with a toy gun mounted on a crowd with a gold layer?
Answer: Cache

Question 4: Who built this famous Roman building?
Answer: Marcus Agrippa

Question 5: This heritage site was built by which South Indian dynasty?
Answer: Pallava

Answer these questions and win thousands of rupees

Tel river 'Bagmati, Ghaghra, Gandak and Kamala' is a tributary of which of these rivers?

What is Insulin?

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