Olympic Games to be held after one year due to Corona

Jul 28 2020 01:20 PM
Olympic Games to be held after one year due to Corona

The Corona epidemic has had a tremendous impact on each region of the country. Meanwhile, it was anticipated this year that Tokyo Olympic stadiums would be filled with fans during the competition, but because of the COVID-19 epidemic, the Olympic Games has been postponed. Meanwhile, the Tokyo Olympic Committee has opened all stadiums in Tokyo to the Sports Federations and the general public due to the Corona epidemic.

The newly constructed Canoe Slalom Center opened for training athletes on Monday, while the Tatomi Swimming Center is set to host water polo, and can be used in the coming month. Organizers said that plans are being made to open other Olympic venues in the coming months. However, this can only change depending on the status of COVID-19. These games would have started on Friday, but they have been canceled for a year due to Corona epidemic.

Also, the five rings of the Olympics have been sold for 185,000 euros (about 1.62 crores) in the auction. The auction took place in Canis, France. These rings were made in 1912 by Pierre the Kurbiton, Founder of the Modern Olympics, which went public in 1913.

It was adopted from the 1920 Olympics in Antwerp (Belgium). These 5 rings are considered to be the form of Olympics. Alexander Debussy, Associate Director of Canis Auction, said in his statement that these rings have been purchased by the Brazilian collector. Earlier, the Olympic Manifesto was auctioned in December last year for eight million US Dollars (about 60 crores). It was written in 1892 by Kurbiton. Now, only after correcting in the situation of Corona, some decision can be taken.

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