The sharp rise in tomato prices in Delhi

New Delhi: Rising tomato prices in India's capital Delhi have once again turned people red with anger. It was expected that the price of tomatoes would come down after the festive season, but it is increasing even faster day by day. It has scored centuries in many parts of Delhi. 100 per kg. However, tomatoes are being given at Rs 80-90 per kg at other online vendor shops including crops. The skyrocketing tomato prices are constantly spoiling the taste of vegetables. Due to a shortage of supply, tomato prices are not going down and are now scoring centuries after half-centuries. The price of tomatoes is also increasing very fast in other States also. Jaipur, Mumbai and Bhopal are already setting up tomato centuries. Now, in Delhi also, the prices of which have gone up.

Rajiv Kumar of Azadpur Mandi has said that the arrivals are very low these days. Every day, 40 truckloads of goods come to Delhi, but nowadays only 20-25 trucks come. It is expected that the arrivals are going to increase from next week and tomatoes will be cheaper. It is also expected to be cheaper because the new crop has been prepared.

Further, he has said that the price of tomato in the mandi is Rs.50-65 per kg which goes up to Rs.100 as soon as it goes into the retail market. The prices of tomatoes coming from Shimla are the highest. Similarly, indigenous tomatoes come from Jaipur and Himachal. The rate is Rs.65 per kg in the wholesale market. Tomatoes are coming from Indore and Ratlam. The new crop is expected to reduce prices. Tomatoes also come to Delhi from Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan.

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