Top 10 Cricket Players to watch at the 2020 ICC World Cup T20

The 2020 ICC World Cup is just around the corner and most of us are already doing the research before the cup kicks off! In this article, we will have a quick look at the top 10 Cricket players to watch out for in the cup! If you are planning to place a bet or two during the ICC World Cup we recommend that you use this bonus code to make your first deposit last a little bit longer. You can also have a look at this Matchbook Bonus Code and find a bonus code that fits perfectly for your play style. Let?s get into it and have a closer look at the up and coming players to watch in the 2020 ICC World Cup.

Shubman Gill (India)

This right-handed batsman has recently shined in whatever side he has been assigned to and helped the Indian National Cricket team against New Zealand. He performs consistently and could very well the start of a new Indian generation of players who could ensure that the Indian cricket league remains the top dog in the world of cricket.

Jos Buttler (England)

Jos Buttler is one of the most feared batsmen that have come out of England in a long time. He has an impressive strike rate of 119.57 ? well ahead of other English players and he averages more than 40 runs per inning - Only Eoin Morgan has scored more sixes than Jos Buttler. He hits the ball incredibly hard and even to this day manages to make the crowds gasp at the incredible speed.

David Warner (Australia)

This Southpaw is a working-class brawler who focuses more on performing in-game than his public image and what the public really thinks about him. He does, however, prove his worth with a bat in his hand instead. Just two years ago he managed to set a record in ODIs with 8 centuries in just one year. Those numbers speak for themselves!

Kane Williamson (New Zealand)

This kiwi is one of the greatest batsmen in the history of New Zealand and a reliable player who always delivers. His technique has been perfected over many games and he throws spins, back foot, front foot and shots in all directions with ease. It will be exciting to see what he brings to the table in this year?s ICC cup! He helped New Zealand get oh so close to winning the World Cup in 2015 ? maybe 2020 is his year?

Rashid Khan (Afghanistan)

Rashid Khan is a superstar in Afghanistan and has taken the sport to greater heights. He has now joined the ranks of elite cricket players but was long overseen by the international cricket scene. He instead showed his true skills in the T20 leagues and quickly became a name to look out for. He is just 20 years of age, so he still has plenty of years to perfect his game as an all-rounder even further. We are all excited to see what this calculated and calm player will bring to this year?s cup!

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