Top 25 Best Beard styles for men

Feb 12 2020 04:24 PM
Top 25 Best Beard styles for men

Beard is facial growth of hair on cheekbones and chin. Beard is found in men and rarely in women. It is considered to be a symbol of masculinity and manliness. In man it grows in response to the male hormones. Men take care of their beard as they feel that the facial features become prominent if the beard is kept according to the shape of the face. Men go to parlor to get those special services rendered by them; they give full attention to the shape of the facial hair as it one of the factor to attract the opposite sex. Men who are not gifted with facial hair feel that their look is incomplete. Beard is very helpful in hiding a few facial flaws like acne and cuts. The absence of beard in a boy or men could be due to genetics. It is supposed to be a hereditary feature which is inherited from the parents.

Men like different styles of beard according to their facial features. The jaw line, shape of the cheek bones is the deciding factor for the style of beard in men. There are many shapes of face and the most common ones are---
Oval shaped face
Square shaped face
Triangular shaped face
Diamond shaped face
Round face
Heart shaped face

The best beard styles for men are suggested according to the shape of the face. The men with square face tend to trim or shave their hair with sharp lines near cheekbones and the beard is fuller on the chin. This style is also fit for the men who have square jawlines.

There are different names assigned to different beard styles. A circle beard is seen on the face of the person who has a square jaw line. The hair is like a patch on the chin and the moustache forms a circle with the patch of hair on chin. Goatee style beard is also fit for square jaw line with moustache anchored by a strip of hair on the chin.

The men with a round face usually have chin full of hair. There is a short beard on chin with the sides that are neatly trimmed. There is another style for round face men with sideburns with a moustache which is trimmed neatly. There is a pointed beard that is present in traces on the jawline, paired usually with a mustache.
The oval shaped face has a different style of beard where the moustache covers the top lip entirely. I came across a very weird term as 3 day stubble beard which is supposed to be a closely trimmed beard seen on the cheek bones. A style commonly called horseshoe moustache has moustache with long pointed ends.
Rectangular face has a beard shorter at the bottom and longer on the sides. This style helps to show off your strong facial structure. Mutton chops beard shows the sideburns which are long and connected to the moustache.

 In some men the sideburns are layered and paired with moustache. Another commonly seen style in man is a strip of hair on chin in the shape of a vertical line. The style which has beard circling the chin with no moustache is seen commonly in men. Men are also concerned about their looks and so they visit the parlors to enhance their facial look.

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