Top 5 Places to go in 'Dussehra vacations'
Top 5 Places to go in 'Dussehra vacations'

Dussehra is one of the most widely celebrated festivals of India. It has many names and with these many names, many stories are associated to them. Also called as Ayudhapuja is celebrated among Hindus from all over the world, but the most enthusiasm is seen in the people of India and Nepal. The prime word- Dussehra is derived from Dasha-hara is a form of Dashanan ravan ("Ravana's defeat").

Also this day is celebrated as the completion of fight of Maa Durga against Mahishasura. Goddess Durga fought with him for ten Days and 9 nights and won on the tenth day hence, named it Dussehra, or “Vijay Dashmi”.

Lets have a look at the top 5 places where Dussehra is celebrated to the brim:

  1. Kolkata: The best place to spend your Dussehra holidays. The place is full of the Durga Pooja environment. As Ma Durga is the Prime Goddess among the Bengali’s Dussehra is celebrated with most enthusiasm.
  2. Mysore: The tradition of celebrating Dasara in Karnataka is at least 400 years old. Mysore in Karnataka is the only place that celebrates this ten days festival with so much pomp and extravaganza. The royals of Mysore have always been bringing in this festival in Mysore Palace
  3. Kullu:  The celebrations here begin from the 10th day of Dussehra and go on for a week. Meanwhile, if you also have some time on your hands you can also get a glimpse of the culture of Kullu at their local fair during Dussehra.
  4. Delhi:  The country capital is also popularly known for its ‘Ravan Dahan’ that happens in the Ram-Leela maidan(Ground). The immense crowd and the lighting on the occasion is just what make and takes it to the next level.
  5. Varanasi: The most holy place on the phase of this world in Hindu methodology is considered to be the city of Banaras, the festivals here are just made to explore. This festival brings the whole city of Varanasi back to life with festive mood spread all over. For ten long days, Varanasi remains favourite place of visit for devotees.

Happy Navmi !! Have a look how the festival of Tru.. 


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