Top Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin Prices Today June 27

Major cryptocurrencies early on June 27, experienced negative trading as the market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies fell by 1.19 percent to USD947.66 billion over the previous 24 hours. On the other side, the overall volume of the crypto market increased during this time by 14.44 percent, reaching USD56.82 billion.

DeFi's 24-hour volume was USD5.22 billion, or 9.19% of the entire volume of the cryptocurrency market. All stable coin volume was USD50.25 billion, or 88.43% of the 24-hour volume of the cryptocurrency market.

With a 42.46 percent market share, Bitcoin was trading about Rs 17 lakh. According to data from CoinMarketCap, this represented a daily decline of 0.03 percent.

In other developments, Wire Network has released an interoperability protocol that enables users to send and receive non-fungible tokens as well as exchange cryptocurrencies on any blockchain using a single, viewable wallet address.

A group of blockchain developments with an emphasis on usability, gameplay, scalability, and security for cryptocurrencies and decentralised applications includes the Universal Polymorphic Address Protocol.

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