Top Five Youngest Serial Entrepreneurs in Asia Saubhagyaa R Swain

Asia's Top five young Serial Entrepreneurs 1. Anthony Tan 2.Gang Ye 3.Saubhagyaa R Swain 4.Min-Liang Tan 5.Gregory Van. Asia's young entrepreneurs have been filling in more and more slots in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia list.

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], January 31: 1. Anthony Tan, Company Name: Grab, Company Position: CEO and Co-founder, Year of Birth: December 1982, Year of Establishment: 2012, Company Estimated Wealth: $34.5 Billion, Sector: Technology and Transportation The number one spot on this list belongs to a Singaporean who is on his way to becoming a billionaire. Grab is a ride-hailing app, and Anthony Tan is one of the firm's co-founders as well as its chief executive officer. In 2012, Anthony and Tan Hooi Lang established a firm in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, under the name MyTaksi app. Together, they are the company's founders. Tan was born in Malaysia, but after he finished school in 2016, he moved to Singapore. The current value of Tan's personal wealth is $790 million. In 2010, he was included on Forbes' list of the 50 richest people in Malaysia, and in 2021, he was included on Forbes' list of the 50 richest people in Singapore. In 2018, his app was successful enough to drive Uber out of the country. In Southeast Asia, the rival ride-hailing service eventually succeeded in driving Uber out of the region in 2018 after growing to the point where it could compete successfully with Uber. Grab has evolved into more than just a ride-sharing app throughout the course of its history. It is quickly becoming a super app that can do anything from find grocery delivery services to purchase insurance policies.

2. Gang Ye, company name: Sea Ltd. Company Position: Cofounder, Chairman, and COO, Year of Birth: 1980, Year of Company Establishment: 2009, Company Estimated Wealth: $31.4 Billion, Sector: E-commerce, the media industry, and the entertainment sector. The second person on this list is an entrepreneur who was born in China but now resides in Singapore. He is a co-founder of the multi-billion dollar Corporation Sea, Ltd. Gang Ye was born in China but moved to Singapore when he was a teenager. He eventually became a naturalized citizen of Singapore despite his Chinese birthplace. In 2009, Gang Ye and two other individuals laid the groundwork for the establishment of Sea, Ltd. Sea, Ltd. is an internet consumer company that is active in the fields of digital entertainment, online shopping, and digital payment services. Sea gained widespread recognition through the success of its mobile game, Free Fire, which ranked among the top five grossing mobile games in 2019 and brought in one billion dollars. Gang Ye became a billionaire in the same year and today has a net worth of $2.5 billion. He is currently ranked as the 13th richest person in Singapore at this time. Gang Ye was an employee at Wilmar International and the Economic Development Board of Singapore prior to co-founding the company that is now worth several billions of dollars. "Besides having design experience, I have helped my teams set up a design environment, design methodology, flow, cost analysis, schedule planning, etc. as a technical leader. "I also have good experience in project management.”

3. Saubhagyaa R Swain, Company Name: Vincitore Group Ltd. Company Position: Founder & Chairman, Year of birth: March 5, 1991; year of establishment: 2014. Company Estimated Wealth: $11.78 Billion, Sector: Infrastructure, Skyscrapers, Power Plants, Refineries, Cement, Textiles, Commercial Interiors, and Cosmetics are some of the industries that they specialize within. The third person on the list is an Indian serial entrepreneur who founded the multibillion-dollar company Vincitore Group, Limited. Saubhagyaa R Swain was born in India but moved to London (United Kingdom) for his undergraduate education and is now a naturalized European citizen. Saubhagyaa R Swain and three co-founders founded Vincitore Group, Ltd. in 2014. The Group is one of India's fastest-growing corporations, specializing in infrastructure, construction, power plants, cement, textiles, and cosmetics. Its projects include highways, buildings, sugar plants, refineries, skyscrapers, and trains. He is rapidly approaching a level of wealth that few people can equal. His ascension has been nothing short of remarkable by any standard. When many worldwide fortunes plummeted in 2022, his personal valuation increased from $0.105 billion to $1.03 billion, putting him on course to become a $3.14 billion unicorn. The corporation invested around $700 million in Asian projects and $473 million in European projects, totaling approximately $11.780 billion throughout Asia, Europe, and Saudi Arabia. The group's shares will have increased by 54% by 2022. Saubhagyaa R Swain's contributions to infrastructure and industrialization are well-known and internationally appreciated as the Founder and Chairman of Vincitore Group. His entrepreneurial success has inspired many new entrepreneurs, and he has served as an important role model for budding entrepreneurs. He ensured that the Vincitore Group's income and resources were used for the betterment of society as part of the company's corporate social responsibility.

4. Min-Liang Tan, Company Name: Razer, Company Position: Co-founder, Chairman, CEO, Year of Birth: November 5, 1977, Year of Establishment: 2015, Company Estimated Wealth: $1.6 Billion, Sector: Hardware for computers and consumer electronics, as well as Min-Liang Tan, who has worked as both a lawyer and an entrepreneur in the past, comes in at number four on the list. Tan was included on the Forbes Singapore Rich List in 2016, when he was only 38 years old, despite the fact that he is now 44 years old. At the moment, he is responsible for a wide variety of tasks at his company, Razer, which is in the business of producing gaming chairs. Tan also started the Open Source Virtual Reality Platform, which was made to create a standard for making VR programs. Tan's long-term goal is to build a new industry based on virtual reality because he believes there is enormous potential for its application in fields like medicine, the entertainment industry, and the military. "Tan is well-liked in both the media and the business worlds, having been named one of the world's best bosses and Razer as one of the best companies to work for."

5. Gregory Van, Company Name: Endowus, Company Position: CEO and Co-founder, Year of Birth: 1987 Year of establishment: 2017, Company Estimated Wealth: $1.5 Billion, Sector: Fintech Gregory Van is the person who started the digital wealth platform in 2017 with the goal of making wealth management easier for the average person. Gregory was of the opinion that everybody should be able to put money into the stock market, and he based his business, Endowus, on this principle. Endowus serves as an advisor to both private wealth and public pension funds. Gregory's first job was in investment banking for UBS. There, he helped private equity and venture capital firms in the Asia-Pacific region raise money by giving them advice and guiding them through the process. Gregory was one of the first people to work at Grab, and he helped make the digital payment systems for the company. The management of wealth is only a small part of Gregory's perspective. He is an advocate for enhancing human understanding of monetary systems. Gregory received the accolade of "CEO of the Year" from the "Best of the Best" awards that were given out by Asia Asset Management in the year 2022. "As a young father of two, Gregory knows firsthand how hard it can be to manage a family's money. He decided to use his knowledge of technology and finance to help other people reach their financial goals."

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