Top Indian books of 2020 by future stars

Indian writing is not limited to specific individuals. Being the sixth-largest market for books in the world, India has a lot of exciting writing talent that deserves recognition. Digital Golgappa picked the top Indian books of 2020 by the future greats of Indian literature.

1. The Pride of t20 cricket by Abhishek Kapoor
This light-hearted fictional novel is based on cricket and it has topped Amazon's bestsellers chart on several occasions. Penned by Abhishek Kapoor, one of India's top authors, it is indeed a refreshing read.

2. He shrugged unapologetically by Abishek CB
a. A memoir at 23 is not everyone's cup of tea, but young and top author Abishek CB did it. He has sold hundreds of copies of the book that is based on his own life.

3. Yours Legally by Sonia Sahijwani
a. Another top author, Sonia, made her mark in Indian writing with the short stories written by her under this title. It has been translated into Hindi already and also available in the audiobook format.

4. Rhime of Time by Padmaja Bharti
a. A compilation of simple and complex poetry written by Padmaja, this book is a complete package for poem lovers. Each poem raises a lot of questions in the minds of the readers.

5. Sunset by the river by Sameer Saxena
a. This one from Sameer is a fascinating read. It is from a mixed genre and is based on mental health. Love may result in some of the most unexpected and inexplicable twists and turns that may eventually break even the strongest persons.

6. Sochna to padega hi by Piyush Goel
a. The miracle man of India, PK Goel, has written 16 books with his hand, including mirror-image books written on aluminum sheets using iron nails, and with needles and glue. This one lists quotes about wisdom.

7. Litany of woes by Deepti Sharma
a. Deepti has beautifully penned Nida's search for love in all forms and to the realization that it is indeed just a word after all. A must-read for people of all age groups.

8. Wondering of Indian International Ethics by Padmaja Bharti
a. A book on moral values, international ethics, and their role in diplomacy, this title by Padmaja is a short yet meaningful read. 

9. No one unlucky, no one so lucky by S Suleman Hamid
a. A motivational book, written by S Suleman Hamid, this title boots the self-confidence of the readers and helps them manage success. It answers some of the most relevant and practical questions in today's world.

10. Rakshabandhan by Nisha Shrivastava
a. Written by young and dynamic techie Nisha, this novel unfolds the battle of a little one from the modern tantrums of a couple, their hardships of being together, and the ignorance that a child faces due to the differences between her parents.

11. Not your traditional kavita by Dr. Anam Fatima
a. This book consists of a combination of English and Hindi poetry which is not traditional in any manner. Readers looking for something new and fresh must go for it. In the words of Dr. Anam, “Jo bhi hai dil se hai!” 

12. A tale tucked beneath solicitude by Mudit Pathak
a. Young author Mudit has expressed his feelings and the pain of a broken heart. It is a story of one-sided love and a must-read for all those who believe in love.

13. An untold story: all happens for good by Raj Abhishek Singh
a. This interesting book is based on the concept - destiny is weird. It may support, betray, kick you off, but surely it comes back like a boomerang to constraint and compels you.

14. The caged tigress by Dr. Arundhati
a. The top books are incomplete without a book based on feminism. This one compares a conservative lady's life to that of a historical queen. A rare combination indeed, but interesting to read.

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