Top Three Exciting Projects to Watch out For in 2022: Polygon(MATIC), My Neighbor Alice(ALICE), and Big Eyes Coin (BIG)

Crypto projects come in a variety of forms. And many people stick with projects for varying reasons. Whether you seek a suitable investment or you want to connect with the web3 space, there are a host of projects that will appeal to you. Well, we thought to introduce you to three awesome crypto projects that are worth the hype. Let's dive deep!


A cut to Ethereum is a cut to many. Ethereum is at the heart of many Blockchain solutions in the ecosystem. However, due to its proof-of-work consensus, it has experienced challenges in its network. The Ethereum network is usually congested making transactions slow, increasing costs, and scalability hard.  Polygon(MATIC) is a Layer-2 scaling network designed to solve the congestion of the Ethereum network. It provides various tools that help increase the speed and reduce the cost and complexities of any Blockchain network.

Like its geometrical meaning, Polygon(MATIC) has multiple sides, sizes, and shapes, which helps with the interconnectivity of networks. As a layer-2 Blockchain solution, it helps scale networks and makes payments faster. With the aid of Polygon(MATIC) technology and Dharma protocol, merchants can also verify the credit ratings of their potential users. Top NFT gaming Apps also scale their products using Polygon(MATIC) sidechains. Developers can utilize Polygon(MATIC)'s commit chain and Ethereum Chain to create better products that do not lag.

At the center of Polygon(MATIC) is MATIC. MATIC is the network's native cryptocurrency that is used for conducting transactions. MATIC holders can stake their tokens for rewards and also participate in governance. Users can also gain MATIC by running smart contracts and by validating transactions.

My NeighborAlice(ALICE)

Those who have played Minecraft or Animal Crossing while growing up would like My NeighborAlice(ALICE). My NeighborAlice(ALICE) is a Blockchain game that allows you to create virtual experiences with the aid of exciting stories. As a Blockchain game, it combines gamification, decentralized finance, and the social world.

The game allows users to buy virtual lands and create any reality on that land. These lands are Non-fungible tokens. In Alice virtual world, users can participate in activities like beekeeping, farming, fishing, and insect gathering. Anytime a player engages in these activities, their status increases. Aside from that, they get to customize their land spaces as they like. Players can decorate their spaces with in-game NFT assets like buildings, plants, trees, animals, flowers, etc.

Players can also use game builders and NFT creators to create assets. These assets can be sold in the available marketplace. They can also be sold in external NFT marketplaces.

Not only that, there's an online forum where players can interact, and even join competitions. There's also an NFT economy in this game. Users can lend and borrow NFT assets to play the games. The assets can also be used as collateral on other lending platforms.

Although the game is free to play, a user needs to pay transaction fees when they make use of in-game assets. They'd also need to pay for the landed NFTs. All payments and transaction fees can be settled in the game's native token, ALICE.

Big Eyes(BIG)

Big Eyes(BIG) is a cute meme coin and NFT project that aims to foster community and decentralization. The token connects with its audience from a beauty standpoint. Fans of meme coins will appreciate the token aesthetics, which differs from other meme coins.

As a meme coin, it deviates from the common dog look and aims for the cat look. The cat has large, sparkling eyes which resemble that of an anime character. We can attribute its look to its short-term experience in Japan. With the cuteness, holders can be assured that the token will win the most beautiful NFT and most popular meme coin.

With Big Eyes(BIG), community members can access cute NFTs, crypto events, content, and even merchandise shops. Plus, they can also decide the project's fate as they have decision-making power. Additionally, 90% of the total token supply will be available on launch. To learn more about further benefits, check out:

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