Topping the digital marketing industry through their exceptional work are Tushar Arora and Harsh Gupta.

Mar 20 2021 11:33 PM
Topping the digital marketing industry through their exceptional work are Tushar Arora and Harsh Gupta.

The traditional methods of marketing have taken a backseat with the advent of the digital era. New innovative methods have been introduced which are not only cost effective but also give fast results. One of the most preferred methods in today's times is digital marketing which has gained much popularity of late. If applied the right way it can work wonders for your business. The right strategies are very important to make your digital marketing campaign a success, and that's only possible if you have the support and guidance of experts who have hands on experience on the craft. Here we have two names who have not only successfully helped many businesses multiply their revenues but have also boosted the online presence of many individuals and brands who were unknown till date, they are Tushar Arora and Harsh Gupta.

They have gained the topmost position in the digital marketing industry through their exceptional work. They have slowly and steadily secured their position amongst the top known names in the field of digital marketing. At just 18 years of age, these digipreneurs have shown that nothing is impossible if one is well acquainted with his job and knows how to handle unfavourable situations and make negatives turn to their favour. When asked about what makes them successful at this young age, Tushar answers "it's the way we maintain relations with our clients and our work which gives guaranteed results given our robust online marketing strategies which makes us numero uno in this business." The talented duo say that they started off with nothing in their hands a couple of years back and have given their sweat and blood by working day and night, all year long to reach the position where they are today.

Both are on an all time professional high having worked with many celebrities from Bollywood and Punjab film industry. Their expertise in handling the entire social media marketing campaign and making it a huge success have catapulted their names to soaring heights, making them the most sought after professionals in business.

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