These easy tricks of musturd will relieve you from debt
These easy tricks of musturd will relieve you from debt

There are many tricks around the world which can be used for many purposes. Yes, in such a situation if poverty is going on in your house, then take these 2 surefire measures and be sure. Actually, today we are going to tell you two such measures which will remove the poverty of your house immediately and you will become rich on seeing it. 

1. To remove the bad luck - For this, putting rye leaves in a water filled pitcher, after impregnating this water, the poorness of any person who is given a bath is destroyed. Yes, if a person wants to become rich then he can do this trick.

2. For debt : You know that many people in the world are troubled by debt. At the same time, to get rid of debt, a person suffering from debt should take black mustard in both the fists. At the intersection, place the mouth towards the east direction and throw the right hand's rye to the left and the left hand's rye in the right direction. Now after throwing mustard oil, put mustard oil at the crossroads and light a two-faced lamp. Keep in mind that the lamp should be kept of soil. Actually, it is believed that this trick should be done on the first Saturday or Amavasya of Shukla Paksha and by doing this trick, one gets rid of debt.

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