"Tough assassin" Jennifer Lopez defends her daughter in the suspenseful promo in The Mother teaser

Our brains will be completely blown away by Jennifer Lopez's upcoming movie, The Mother. Recently, a compelling teaser trailer for the movie was unveiled at Netflix's TUDUM event, leaving fans eager for more. Lopez is introduced in the first movie trailer as a ruthless assassin. Years later, Lopez's character returns to defend her from a serious threat after being forced to give up her kid to keep her safe from her adversaries.

Lopez starts the teaser for The Mother by performing pull-ups in an icy area. Additionally, the promo shows her character firing a sniper rifle while dressed in what appears to be military camouflage. In another shot, as the two rides off on a bike, Jennifer can be seen saving her daughter. Joseph Fiennes, who starred in The Handmaid's Tale, plays the film's main antagonist and is briefly visible in the teaser.

Omari Hardwick, Paul Raci, Gael Garca Bernal, and Lucy Paez, who plays the daughter, are additional prominent actors in The Mother. Additionally, the singer has another Netflix project called Atlas that will be released soon. Simu Liu and Sterling K. Brown will also appear in the sci-fi thriller about a rogue A.I., which is based on Shang Chi and the Ten Rings.

Although the film's release date hasn't been officially announced, it is known that The Mother will hit theatres in May 2023. The teaser trailer for the movie was unveiled at TUDUM.

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