Tourism Booms in Lakshadweep Following Prime Minister Modi's Visit: Reports
Tourism Booms in Lakshadweep Following Prime Minister Modi's Visit: Reports

Lakshadweep, a group of scenic islands, has seen a significant surge in tourism since Prime Minister Narendra Modi's recent visit, according to tourism officials. Both local and international travelers have shown keen interest in visiting Lakshadweep ever since PM Modi showcased the island on his social media platforms.

During his visit in January, PM Modi personally experienced the beauty of Lakshadweep by indulging in snorkeling activities. He even encouraged adventure enthusiasts to add Lakshadweep to their travel bucket list, emphasizing its potential for exploration.

Following PM Modi's visit, there has been a notable shift in tourism dynamics, especially concerning Indian tourists. Previously popular destinations like the Maldives have seen a decline in Indian visitors, with many now preferring to explore Lakshadweep instead.

This change in travel preferences came after a series of controversial remarks made by three Maldivian officials on social media, directed towards India and PM Modi. These remarks drew widespread criticism and led to a backlash against the Maldives, further boosting interest in Lakshadweep as an alternative destination.

Responding to the growing demand, budget airline IndiGo recently announced the launch of direct flights between Bengaluru and Agatti, one of the key islands in Lakshadweep. Currently, Alliance Air is the only carrier operating flights to Agatti, but regional airline FLY91 is set to commence services to the destination later this month.

The surge in tourism following PM Modi's visit highlights the potential of Lakshadweep as a top tourist destination and underscores the importance of promoting lesser-known gems of India's natural beauty.

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