Now you can't drive scooty-bike wearing slippers, read this news otherwise...
Now you can't drive scooty-bike wearing slippers, read this news otherwise...

New Delhi: The government in the country is constantly strict about traffic rules. Yes, and now due to this, today we will tell you about the traffic rules that you don't know. We are sure that after knowing about it, your senses will be blown away. In fact, you should be absolutely well aware of these rules, such as there are a lot of rules apart from wearing a helmet while riding. Let you also tell everyone that you do not have permission to drive a two-wheeler wearing slippers.

Yes, you may not be sure, but it's true. Actually, according to the Motor Vehicle Act, you should take care of these things while driving. Under these rules, you are required to wear shoes while driving a two-wheeler. At the same time, a fine of Rs 1000 can be imposed if found breaking this law. At the same time, the driver is required to wear a shirt or t-shirt with pants, and those who break the rule can also be fined Rs 2000.

By the way, we all know that talking to someone on the phone while driving or using the phone can deduct your invoice, but there is also an exception to this. Indeed, any rider or driver is allowed to use his phone only for navigation while his car is moving. Yes, and you will definitely be fined if you use your phone for something else. If you are found breaking this rule, you can be fined up to Rs 5,000.

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