traveller bumped into truck on Gonda-Bahraich highway, 5 died
traveller bumped into truck on Gonda-Bahraich highway, 5 died

Lucknow: A horrific road accident happened at Sukai Purva intersection on Gonda-Bahraich highway in UP on Monday morning, in which 5 people lost their lives. HR 37 D 4630 collided with a passenger truck coming from Gonda in a truck parked at the intersection. It has been learned that the collision was so fast that the vehicle was badly damaged. Two people died on the spot, one of whom has been identified as Mikau, Sultanpur resident Pawan Kumar (32) and the other as Siwan, Bihar resident Jitendra Giri (46). About 14 injured people were taken to SO Payagpur CHC, where 3 injured succumbed. In the event, the injured have been sent from CHC to the Medical College, Bahraich.

As soon as the information about the accident received around 4 o'clock, CO Naresh Singh and SO Payagpur and outpost in-charge Khutehna Shashi Kumar Rana reached the scene of the incident with the entire team. After inspecting the incident site, 2 severely mutilated bodies have been sent for postmortem. According to eyewitnesses, the accident occurred due to the driver of the passenger traveller taking a nap. CO Naresh Singh said that the figure of the dead can increase now. The sound of the collision in the incident was so loud that many people from nearby villages gathered at the site of the incident.

After getting information about the incident, all the top officials of the administration immediately reached the spot. It has become difficult to identify even the faces of 2 people who died on the spot. Khutehna outpost in charge Shashi Kumar Rana, who arrived at the scene only a few minutes after the incident, said that there were a total of 16 people in the bus, of which 5 have died and 11 are seriously injured.

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